Growth Mindset

Leadership & Communication

Coaching and development for those who desire to be mindful, heart centered, and effective communicators and leaders

Now more than ever, in a diverse world, we need to develop skills for listening, empathy, and connection. To create deep meaning with others, and build strong relationships based on mutual understanding, we need to be mindful, have clear goals, and cultivate the ability to communicate with people who differ from us in lived experiences. It also requires us to learn new skills to apply across varied platforms and time zones. Developing a Growth Mindset is crucial for success in a rapidly changing world.

You can be ready for communication and leadership challenges while being your authentic self. Learn how to be mindful and centered, get clear on your intentions, listen deeply, and have the right words to connect to people, Help people feel appreciated and heard, while communicating your needs with candor, clarity and confidence.

I’m Dr. Annie Shibata, and I’m passionate about creating a better world. Harmony and peace grow through mutual understanding. Work with me and have a supportive Coach and partner by your side. Through online courses, group coaching, individualized coaching and customized in-person and virtual training for your /your organization’s needs, I meet clients where they are and strategize with them to move forward. Check out the workshops and webinars on my Coaching page, watch the webinar below, or reach out for a complementary strategy session. Let’s do this!

Here’s a webinar Annie gave in June 2020- How to Navigate Difficult Conversations with Integrity and Confidence. Annie’s presentation starts at 3:05.

Communicate with Candor, Clarity and Confidence

Whether it’s in your professional life with your boss, your employees, peers, members of the Board, clients or members of the public; or in your personal life with lovers, family, neighbors and friends…

Connect with empathy, listen deeply, respond rather than react, and craft communication that is intentional and mindful, to improve your business and personal relationships!

I’ve partnered with CEOs, Managers, Board Chairs, Solopreneurs, Medical professionals and young professionals just starting their careers, helping them be more confident and develop new communication skills, and I can help YOU too!

  • Improve your executive presence while remaining authentic
  • Give and receive feedback and criticism gracefully
  • Present confidently to groups of all sizes
  • Run effective meetings
  • Write with clarity and brevity for your audience
  • Listen actively and with empathy
  • Deliver bad news effectively
  • Communicate at work in the US (for international professionals)
  • Communicate effectively with diverse clients/partners (including internationally)