About Annie

Through my courses and development programs, I help individuals and teams employ heart centered communication for more effective performance.

I’m passionate about promoting peace and understanding in the world by helping people to expand their perspectives, create Growth Mindsets, and create stronger relationships by communicating better. The way to do this is by learning how to really listen and understand someone else’s perspective, and then work to create shared meaning.

I’m a native upstate New Yorker currently relocated to Cincinnati, OH.  From 1982-1998 (16 years!) I lived and worked in Fukuoka, Japan. I’ve worn many hats in my career. With a PhD in Adult Education, in higher ed I’m a teaching professor of various Communication courses, as campus administrator I oversaw faculty development and curriculum program management, and in the corporate space I’ve worked with global clients for many years as cross-cultural advisor, communication trainer, coach, and international business consultant. My leadership experience includes service on two non-profit boards, President of an International Women’s professional group (AFWJ) and chair of my local school planning committee.

In addition, I’ve published articles and book chapters on communication, education and international business; was interviewed on 23 radio programs in the US, and in Japan appeared weekly on TV and radio for over four years.

All of these experiences have given me a broad perspective and an opportunity to develop and apply many leadership and communication skills, which I use for my students and clients.

I help people just like you achieve success by giving you tools to assess where you are, identify your intentions and goals, and help you develop skills to communicate in a more heartfelt, confident manner. My passion is connecting with and serving individuals and teams to find and leverage their strengths, and build new skills in areas we’ve identified. Let’s work together!

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