Communication Tips and Case Studies

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The Oppositional Board Member

I once served on a Board of Directors that had a real problem.  There was a board member who clearly saw herself as a Challenger to the Chairwoman. At every meeting, she would question the decisions and opinions of the Chair…

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The Unacknowledged Contract

A US manufacturing firm had a 20 year relationship with a Japanese company that was their licensee.  For many years, the contract that they had between them specified a minimum royalty that was far lower than the actual targets the Japanese company had been paying them…

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The Dysfunctional Meetings

I once consulted for a mid-sized company that had a challenge. The CEO  wanted a team to come to an agreement about a new program but after several meetings they just couldn’t seem to get it together…

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10 General Tips for Effective Cross Cultural Business Communication

As a Coach and Consultant with a specialization in cross cultural communication, I’ve been privileged to work with many clients who are working in international business. I have worked closely with Japanese and Americans in various business deals…

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The Hiring Dilemma

I recently had someone ask me for advice about a tough hiring decision.  This manager was hiring for a position that required a long term commitment for training and certification, so she wanted to be sure that the right person was chosen.

There was an internal candidate who was a strong contender…..

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The Sensitive Issue

I once had a course participant who had a real problem.  She was the supervisor at a transportation company, and she had an employee who had very bad breath.  Other employees complained to her and each other about this, and worse, the employee had a public-facing position…