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Emotional Intelligence–Courageous Conversations–Giving and Receiving Feedback –Developing Mindfulness –Effective Business Writing –Negotiation & Persuasion–Working with International Clients –Remote Meetings

Plus, customized topics for your needs.

Does any of this sound like you (or your employees)?

You’ve been told you lack EXECUTIVE PRESENCE (or secretly fear you do)

You’re unsure about how to LEAD WITH YOUR STRENGTHS


You’re afraid to SPEAK UP, thinking people will judge you or won’t like you

You TELL IT LIKE IT IS, but in doing so, turn people off

You have COMMUNICATION ISSUES in your organization with managers, peers or employees that you simply don’t know how to resolve

You’re uneasy (or terrified!) when you give PRESENTATIONS, or you want to be able to wow your audiences

I’ve been there. I used to equate being an honest and direct person with “telling it like it is.” What’s wrong with that? Living and working in Japan for 16 years taught me a lot about empathy, harmony, and cultural differences in communication. Now I help clients communicate more effectively while still being authentic and honest.

Communication skills can be learned. Being a good leader and communicator comes from developing the right mindset and toolbox so you can respond appropriately in the moment. Whether you are leading and influencing up, down, or sideways, you can improve!

Grow your mindset and learn skills to enhance your leadership and communication


“Dr. Annie Shibata is an expert consultant in the areas of communications, leadership, and education. She has owned her own international business (in Japan), worked as a faculty and administrator in higher education, and has been providing coaching services for several years. Dr. Shibata’s background and experience, coupled with her online acumen allow her to expand her coaching strengths to new platforms. I believe every emotionally intelligent leader utilizes coaching to strengthen their skills and gain insight into further areas of growth and self-development. Dr. Shibata understands how to support and facilitate leadership development with empathy and accountability.” – Dr. Christina Royal – College President

“Dr. Annie Shibata has been a friend and colleague for the past twenty years. She has been instrumental in my personal, creative, and personal life to assist in the navigation of my ability to create a vision of possibilities that I could deliver in my professional career. Her unique and innate ability to help people visualize their potential is an incredible asset to her profound passion to help people grow, which she does with empathy and insight. Her coaching skills are unlike any I have ever experienced, which has changed the way I think about myself and my contributions to the world.” – Jo Coppola, MA, LPC, CG – Certified Graphologist, Licensed Professional Counselor – 

“Annie has a profound talent of being able to see and understand what is needed and how to bring the best out in individuals. Annie genuinely cares about the individuals she interacts with and is full of support and encouragement to assist in one’s professional development. Annie is also a consummate professional and works hard to accomplish what is needed to further an institution in its academic growth. She is well accomplished internationally and is always looking for avenues to expand her knowledge. Annie Shibata adds talent, creativity and validity to any organization she works with.” – Barbara Campbell SPHR, SHRM-SCP (via LinkedIn)

Here are just some of the organizations I’ve had the pleasure to work with: